Better views on how to treat women.


1.Don’t compare your wife to other women. You don’t know what their husbands are going through.

  1. NEVER expose your wife’s weakness to your family or friends or run to them whenever you have issues. Problems are best solved between you and your woman.


  1. Don’t think you are man so you can use intimidation, shout or violence to communicate your moods. Agreesive men don’t make a happy home.


  1. Speak gently and calmly to your wife. Never raise your voice at her, it demeans her and shows you think she is stupid.
  2. Do your responsibilities as man…don’t leave every to your woman.


  1. Never blame your wife if she doesn’t take care of the home everyday. She is swamped with house work and helping you raise the kids.


  1. Don’t be wasteful spending money on drinks, friends and extended family.The wife and children are your first responsibility.


  1. Sex is also important to women. Her pleasure should be considered before your own.
  2. Never compare your wife to your ex-girlfriends. If you loved them so much why didn’t you marry them instead of your wife.


  1. Never shout down your wife or challenge her in front of the children. The children are watching. They won’t listen and obey her too.


  1. Tell your wife she’s beautiful even if you know she’s looking normal. Women love compliment.
  2. Don’t forget that women also want attention and someone to share their thoughts with. Never be too busy for your wife.
  3. A prayerful man is a better equipped husband. Pray always for your wife and family. Don’t leave the prayers to your wife.

14.Treat your wife like a queen. Buy her gifts, take her shopping and once in a while, cook for her.

15.Please don’t forget your these anniversary dates. Wedding ,engagement,the first time you kissed. I beg you. These dates mean a lot to women. (Don’t ask me why). I also don’t know.

  1. Your mother should not have the final say in your marriage. You married your wife, not you and your mother. Let her talk in her own husband’s house.

17.There are 5 days each month that you have to say “I’m sorry”, “yes baby” and “I love you” more than 7 times a day. That’s when she’s menstrating.




i wish someone digests this.




1) — A Girl searches for a rich man while A Woman searches for a caring and loving man


2) — A Girl envies those who move ahead and mate the players while A Woman shares her knowledge and help others move ahead by not hating the players but

teaching them the rules to the game.


3) — A Girl measures her man’s worth by the weight of his pocket while A Woman measures her man’s worth by his level of Wisdom and the fear of God and

how disciplined he can be towards his finances.


4) — A Girl breaks up with silly excuses while A Woman has endurance knowing that everything happens for a reason


5) — A Girl thinks about present while A Woman thinks about the future of you and her


6) — A Girl loves to have many guys going after her while A Woman knows the laws of demand and supply (At lower prices, more of a commodity is demanded

and and more is supplied)


7) — A Girl takes relationship affairs outside while A Woman solves the problems within herself and her partner


8) — A Girl demands for money to buy make-Ups while A Woman demand for money to fulfill her plans


9) — A Girl gets hurt by one man and makes all other men pay for it while A Woman knows that, that was just ONE man and that men are different


10) — A girl is “learning” while .A woman “knows”


11) — A Girl will read this and get an attitude while A GROWN up WOMAN will read this and pass it or shares it to other grown up women


A real man will drop a comment and ask him self whether he has a girl or a woman while a boy will read and pass by.


Today I dangle in raining days
Towards this I get to know men’s ways
Disdainfully down I seem to lay my face
A visage men yesterday compared to rays

From my family springs out grave tribulations
In society I openly meet hefty strangulations
Forced to conjecture in frustration
To the past glories I’ll find prostration

Nowadays I seldom not wonder
As daytime and nighttime I often ponder
Where’re the comrades I’d gathered?
Absolutely, I’ve no one who mattered

Weather pals sway me into rainy days
But I pray and proclaim better days
An era when I’ll deeply triumph in grace
And in God I’ll accord every due praise!


For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life, amen!

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